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Kim Possible ist eine aus 87 Episoden bestehende Zeichentrickserie der Walt Disney Company aus den Jahren bis Die Serie sollte ursprünglich mit  ‎ Handlung · ‎ Hauptfiguren · ‎ Nebenfiguren · ‎ Gegenspieler. Kimberly Ann " Kim " Possible is a high school student and freelance hero/ vigilante. She is Hair ‎: ‎Red. " Kim Possible " follows the comedic action-adventures of a typical high school girl who, in her spare time, saves the world from evil villains. In fact, the only time one of them took notable issue with Kim was when she convinced Ron to reluctantly bring his baby sister Hana on a mission. Learn more People who liked this also liked She was a member of her school's swim team during her Sophomore year of school [29] , has swam the English Channel [28] , and was an accomplished SCUBA diver [30] [5]. Starting with the night of Kim's prom and in certain extreme circumstances following, she wore a custom battle suit which was designed by Wade. Andere Kategorien Persönlichkeitstests - Kim Possible. Walter Nelson is a boy that Kim had a crush on in middle school. Kath Soucie, Jeff Bennett, Christine Cavanaugh. However, several different versions of Kim have been introduced at various points in the franchise to represent Kim at different ages prior to her appearance in Season 1. Backstage An der renommierten Keaton School of the Arts wimmelt es nur so an noch unentdeckten Berühmtheiten. Art Attack In jedem Menschen steckt ein Künstler. Explore Wikis Community Central FANDOM University. Kim and Drakken rarely interact, but when they do, Kim tries to hurt Kim possilble ego by reminding alle 7 weltwunder in various ways how he lost the last time. In den anderen deutschsprachigen Ländern, der Schweiz und Österreich , wurde immer nur die Originalversion des Titellieds von Christina Milian ausgestrahlt. Specifically, Kim is a sophomore at the start of season 1 and a senior by the start of season 4. Monique Felix Renton Bonnie Rockwaller Josh Mankey Tara. The second possibility could be northern West Virginia, as evidenced in the episode " Downhill ," when Kim asks Wade for alleged sightings of a snow beast that Ron and Barkin are looking for, the map shows an area in northern West Virginia as a target area. Kim is a teenage female of average height with a slim yet athletic build. In addition, Kim was drawn towards International Diplomacy, a difficult and extroverted field, during a career fair held at her school. James Possible father Ann Possible mother Jim Possible brother Tim Possible brother "Nana" Possible grandmother June aunt Slim Possible uncle Larry cousin Joss Possible cousin. Mai auf ProSieben. Ron entschied sich für einen Nacktmull, da sein Vater eine Tierhaarallergie hat und Tiere mit Fell nicht erlaubte. This news and more in our Guide to Comic-Con. She wore her hair in pigtails when she was in pre-K, and as a preteen, she wore it kim possilble one gunblood ponytail and had braces on her teeth.

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Kims meistgesuchte durchgeknallte Schurken Zusätzliche Episode: Check in you enable Facebook sharing! With his more relaxed attitude toward life, as well as his flexibility and ability to see the good aspects of bad situations, Ron often provides a balance to Kim's ambitious nature and image orientated character. TV — Ihre TV-Cloud. Kim is also one of the only cartoon characters to regularly change her clothing. However, Kim was already remarkably agile even before she became a cheerleader. Login My Account Account Settings My Creations Logout Disney. kim possilble

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Kim Possible: So The Drama Backstage An der renommierten Keaton School of the Arts wimmelt es nur so an noch unentdeckten Berühmtheiten. Despite her intelligence however, Kim was the least scientifically-minded member of her family and did not understand many of the terms, phrases, or inventions that her father and brothers built and used regularly. Most iconic was her traditional mission outfit consisting of a black midriff-baring mock turtleneck, dark gloves with a thin cuff, green cargo pants, a utility belt, and black shoes. By her Senior year, she had phased most of her midriff exposing outfits out of her wardrobe. She was even able to figure out how to fly a shuttle enough to land it safely simply by observing Fredrick the monkey fly once [28].



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